About Us

Who are we? 

Hi! We're Gavin and Dianne, cousins who are also water polo parents with kids on the same team. We kept looking for cool, creative, fun water polo gear and couldn't find any, so we decided to design some ourselves, and people loved them! 

Help your Club

We wanted a way to help our kids' new water polo club get some funds coming in and so we decided that we could use our sales as a fundraiser. The idea has expanded where we hope to be able to help many clubs design fun, cool looking gear, and fundraise at the same time! 

Why buy from us

Whether you found us through a club fundraiser or not, we're glad you're here and we appreciate your passion for the amazing game of WATER POLO! Our goal is to be able to help water polo clubs, both big and small, fundraise, get cool gear, and represent the best sport ever well! 

We want to Grow the Game

Our creative ideas for water polo designs should make you stand out from all the rest. People will notice you and ask about your gear and it's your chance to tell them how amazing water polo is! We want to help you grow the game, your club, and knowledge of water polo with everyone! 


Got ideas for new shirts? 

We're always happy to talk water polo and get some new designs in the store. We have hundreds (no joke) planned, but we're working on getting the best out for you all.